Desktop publishing and printing services

Desktop publishing services

Our graphic designers are ready to process orders according to your requirements, for example:

We mainly specialize in typesetting and prepress editing of documents.

Since the start of our activities we have been cooperating with reliable printing houses.

Translations including prepress editing of the documents

We provide a full range of services. From translation through proofreading and prepress editing to the printing of the document in the desired quantity at a printing house.

Operating instructions, manuals, catalogues and other documents supplied by the customer in electronic or printed version are translated using the same layout as the original document, i.e. the layout of the translation in the target language is indistinguishable from the original; the resulting document is usually in PDF format or in the format required by the printing house.


The price is affected by many factors such as the time required for graphics, client’s requests concerning the file format, scope of the contract and many others. Therefore, the price is determined individually for each project. We will be happy to prepare a price calculation based on your detailed specification, just contact us.

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